KMC Public School

        Ms. M.J.Mary Emerentia (M.Sc.,M.A.,M.Ed)

By the grace of God the Almighty & with the respectable Chairman ThiruK.C.Shanmugam& Entrepreneur Correspondent Mr.C.S.Manoharan, I am pleased to take charge as a Principal of KMC Public Senior Secondary School.

We step into new scope of achieving excellence in all round development of KMC students. Make the students “Think logically, effectively and creatively” and “Become more organised and time efficient”. Begin low, Speak low, Take fire, Rise higher” are going to be the progressive steps. Greetings to all KMC students, Parents & Well Wishers.

         “Learning is the greatest gift one can give to a child; to learn always and everywhere”.

Fun in Learning

•       Learning should and can be made interesting, enjoyable and fun among children.
•      A large portion of teaching materials are to used by the teachers who customize their teaching aids to suit the interests and knowledge levels of the students.
•       Health and nutrition of the children – free exercises and play are encouraged to build strength and stamina.
•       Student-Teacher ratio (25:1)
•       Using coloured flash cards with large images are utilized as convenient, low cost teaching aids.
•       Rapid acquisition of basic reading and verbal skills in multiple languages occur naturally by exposing the child to whole words as objects repetitively for very brief periods. In this manner at a young age even children of illiterate parents learn several languages as effectively as they normally learn to speak their native tongue.
•       Story telling is used to make learning fun and to communicate basic values of goodness, beauty, harmony, responsibility and right conduct.
•      Rapid acquisition of basic math skill is achieved through the use of number line method which enables the child to physically experiment and act out different combinations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
•      Information on people and other living things, places, history, geography and other cultures are presented to the child in the form of stories, pictorial information and explanations combined together to present facts in a living, integrated context rather than as a series of separate divorced subjects.

        With all these ideologies in our mind, we teaches of KMC family march towards the unbelievable progress in future and let it be milestone in the history of KMC.