KMC Public School


Our Vision

                    It gives me an immense sense of satisfaction in serving and setting a trend in the field of education for about two decades.
                    As part of our curriculum, grooming children and learning by teaching and observing them has given me an abundant wealth of experience which no education can give me. As the saying goes, “announce of experience is better than tons of knowledge”.

                   Children of today have tremendous potential, which has to be channelised in the right direction by the joint effort of parents and teachers.
                    Teaching the play way method of learning is generally misunderstood that the children should be left free to fend for themselves. Unless there is discipline, guidance and support and if a mixed blend of this is given to the children, only then can we expect children to perform to their utmost with creativity.

                   Education does not confine only to books. Every aspect of development in a child’s life is an important phase. Hence, great importance is attached to instill self-reliance and confidence.

                  Just as a building needs strong foundation, a child needs the strong pillars of education, which he gains from the school, from home and the environment. All these play a vital role in shaping the future.

                  We should not forget that times have changed and the world around is becoming more and more competitive. So let us together frame a code of conduct and support system to see that they excel in their area instead of defending them.

                  Our performances in the previous years have proven that “Hard work combined with efforts never fail”, my hearty congratulations to the teachers and students for their relentless effort.

         According to the Montessori system the four main characteristics, which would portray a child normal and positive, are:

                  1. The ability to concentrate
                  2. The need for enjoyment of meaningful work leading to competence and independence
                  3. An ability for self-discipline and sociability
                  4. The desire to be a productive and responsible member of a social group.

                  An integration of these characteristics would occur through the child’s own creative efforts, when he is given the liberty to pursue a meaningful activity in an environment suited to his developmental needs.

                  Success according to me, is a consequence of an individual ability to touch, move and inspire people with a clear vision of the objective.

                  This is the kind of education KMC Public School offers to convert situations into learning experience and thus transforms the personality of students for education of life.